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In an era where food is healthcare, we aim to provide the best & safest dog food.

Bonnie Judd, animal trainer for the film industry with credits ranging from features such as Air Bud, GoodBoy! Resident Evil Afterlife, television shows including Smallville, Supernatural, and the X-files to name just a few, talks about Chow for Now Natural Dog Food.

“A big part of the challenge of training dogs for the movies is keeping them in peak health and condition. Dogs who excel in front of the camera have to be energetic, have beautiful glossy coats and have sound nerves and stamina. Over the years I fed my dogs many commercial brands of dog food and while some of the dogs did ok, I found many dogs just weren’t achieving the top condition I wanted them to be in. Some of my dogs had recurring problems with skin disorders, such as rashes and alopecia (hair loss): I attributed this to allergic reactions to the commercial food’s ingredients. I was also very concerned about the potential damaging consequences of feeding my dogs food filled with chemical preservatives.

After a lot of research, and consultation with experts in canine nutrition, I developed an all natural, frozen dog food. Chow for Now is primarily made of human-consumption-quality fresh chicken, added to that is a small portion of oats, partially cooked to aid digestion, fresh vegetables and healthy natural oils, vitamins and minerals.

I started feeding my own dogs this special recipe over 20 years ago. After feeding the natural diet for only a very short time my dogs energy increased, their coats were noticeably shinier and best of all they loved the food. I no longer had to worry about dogs blowing coat just before a big film project and my dogs had energy to spare even after a long days work on set.”