Natural Raw Diet

Why feed your dog raw food?

Raw natural diets avoid heat processing that can destroy or alter natural occurring enzymes, essential fatty acids, amino acids (proteins), phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring and beneficial bacteria. Your dog’s gut has a strong acidic environment that was biologically designed to digest raw foods from the prey they hunted.

In the last century, dried processed dog kibble appeared as a “convenience food” for pet owners containing fillers, meat by-products, additives and preservatives not indigenous to a canine’s natural diet. Chow for Now raw dog food is a selection of fresh, quality ingredients in a recipe created by nutritional experts.  This quality raw dog food was formulated with a dog’s dietary needs to support good health, longevity and fewer visits to your veterinarian. No matter what stage of life your dog is in, it is never too late to start your dog with a quality diet your dog will love!

Bones & Raw Food Diet

Based on the B.A.R.F (BonesandRawFood)diet created by Dr.Ian Billinghurst author of Give Your Doga Bone. Give Your Dog A Bone Nutrition is thought by many to Nutrition is thought by many to be the key to optimum health, and the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet advanced by Dr. Ian Billinghurst of Australia has gathered a huge following in the United States. Give Your Dog a Bone provides guidance on feeding for maximum health, low cost and low environmental impact, and is our best seller. It includes detailed instructions on creating a balanced raw food diet.


When you start feeding a natural diet your dog may go through a process of detoxification. During this process your dog could display some of the following short-term side effects.

Changes in Coat

You may find that your dog shows a really awesome coat shortly after starting to feed Chow for Now but then that coat starts to look dull or dusty. After this your dog may go through a period of shedding (blowing coat). This is normal; this is caused by the toxins working their way out of your dog’s system. Once the detoxification process is complete you will see new hair come in and your dog will have the best coat it has ever had. This sometimes starts with just an area of glossy hair on their tails or a stripe on their shoulders. The rest of their coat will follow and soon be healthy and shiny too.

Gassiness, Soft Stools or Constipation

There are many different ways that dogs detoxify, most dogs don’t show any symptoms, it really depends on the dog itself, some dogs get really gassy — if you sleep with your dog this one is the worst! But not to worry, it will pass! Some dogs will experience a few days of soft stools after switching from a dry diet. Other dogs may get a little constipated when they first start eating a natural dog food. Keep in mind, it is normal for your dog to have smaller, firmer stools on a natural food. If they actually become a little constipated you can give them a small amount of vegetable oil to help them while they become accustomed to natural food. In no time at all they will begin to thrive on their new diet.