Making Raw Food Safe with HPP

Why HPP?

In our research and development to make the best raw food possible one of our goals has always been how to remove pathogens and make our raw food completely safe while still keeping the nutritional value of our food intact.  Proponents of feeding raw know that as true carnivores most dogs have no trouble dealing with the pathogens commonly found in raw meat. Their systems easily handle many pathogens without difficulty but, what about dogs with compromised immune systems and the humans handling the food and dishes?  Up till now this has been the challenge in producing a raw food without adding chemical preservatives and heavy anti-bacterials.  With the advent of HPP (High Pressure Processing) this challenge has finally been resolved. HPP kills all pathogens without harming the taste, texture and most importantly, the nutritional value of the food.

HPP is recognized by the USDA and FDA and most recently by Health Canada as an effective anti-pathogen treatment for foods intended for human consumption.

Are we sure our food is free of harmful bacteria?

Yes – as a matter of policy we still test each and every batch of food made. See a test result from one of our batches of food or check the test results for your specific bag of food.

What is HPP?

The premise of HPP is that food enzymes are able to withstand higher pressure than harmful bacteria. High Pressure Processing uses water based technology to deliver high pressure equally to all parts of the product to kill harmful bacteria. Because the process does not involve heating the product there is no loss of nutritional value as there is in heat-based methods such as pasteurization or for that matter simply cooking the food. HPP is now commonly used for many human foods including: fruits, juices, deli-meat and more.